Saturday, 13 April 2013

Conversations with Esmeralda by Cirare at the Second Floor Studio

So I visited this shrine of all things beautiful; the Second Floor Studio at Khan Market for the launch of a brand new collection by Akanksha Redhu's label- Cirare a couple of weeks ago. Absolute love for the slouchy fold-over sequinned clutches and if you're hunting for darling bags or scarves in everything from tropical paradise to galaxy prints, Cirare is definitely something you need to be looking out for. Makes you want to ditch everything and head to the Andaman's with nothing but a straw hat, a sarong and this tote.

You can find that and a lot more at this little gem called the Second Floor Studio at Khan Market; a place who's existence, I'm ashamed to say, I had no idea about until recently. You should head there for a good dose of quirky camera bags, on-trend accessories and I hear they're planning to bring in some vintage Chanel soon. Ahem.

Oh and I feel compelled to mention the drinks served in little mud kullads. Not relevant but gah they were so cute I had to bring them up. I don't know who's idea that was, but whoever you are, you are awesome.

 Aforementioned bags, snakeskin print chappals and cute candlesticks on my favourite tropical printed scarf.

 Cushions, laptop sleeves and OMG VINTAGE CAMERA.

Pretty things. 

Non-tropical printed but equally brilliant scarves and earrings. 

 Santu Misra losing his shiz over a printed canvas bag.

Cool people cookies.

Cool people themselves; Lindsey, Anushree and Punit Jasuja, the super fun person behind the Second Floor Studio. 

With the incredibly tall and equally talented star of the evening- Akanksha

Forgive the awkward pictures. I am a lazy ass who didn't bother to lug her camera along and regretted it.
So go see it for yourself (and not through my shitty camera phone) and treat yourself to something pretty.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

DLF Emporio: Luxury Shopping Festival 2013

Aaaand it's that time of the year again. When you're looking for excuses to shop but you don't really have any. Except that now you do: The Luxury Shopping Festival at DLF Emporio (Delhi, obviously).

So you can shop till you drop and win a ton of goodies while you do it. Its a win-win situation.

I'd dropped by the press meet last Wednesday (any excuse to bask in the sheer opulence that is Emporio)  to get the deets. And I was greeted by ginormous banners and some very 'red- carpet' installments.

 And here it is: shopping starts at INR 20,000 and you're eligible for a Daily Lucky Draw (lotsa' designer merch winning happening here) and then you have a Weekly Lucky Draw (Vertu phones and international vacation packages, ahem) and finally- the Mega Lucky Draw which basically takes the cake with a Mercedes Benz E Class and a trip for two to South Africa.

And in case you needed any more of an incentive, I should probably mention how a slew of designers (read: Rohit Bal, Suneet Varma, Raghavendra Rathore, Rina Dhaka, Malini Ramani etc) are going to be retailing their latest collections there.

This gorgeous baby could be yours. 

Rasna, Roshni and, of course, Dinaz Madhukar, VP DLF Emporio and the (incredibly impressive) lady behind, well, everything.

Fancy-schmancy installments.

A little sneak-peek of things that could be yours.

 So if you want a dose of Tod's to Tarun Tahiliani and everything in between I suggest everyone  stop drooling and head over there. It's on until the 15th of May!


P.S: For more deets, head over to their website or follow them on Twitter

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Home of the hippies.

Well, well, well, would you just LOOK at me posting for the second time in less than a week.
 I am the embodiment of  dedication.

This is Exhibit B for these pseudo-period shoots I'd helped out with last October. Here we have Aarushe pretending to be a major badass. But instead of dressing her up in a tutu this time, my infamous 'bhagwanji' t-shirt (which is not being used to hurt anybody's sentiments, in case you're planning to go all Shiv Sena on me) and five pounds of junk jewellery from my thirteen year old 'let-me-attempt-to-drown-myself-in-multicoloured-beads-because-wouldn't-that-just-look-the-coolest?' phase,  is what we were forced to work with. After we spent an hour trying to incorporate a Bob Marley scarf and ultimately decided we didn't need it, that is. The tutu was definitely more her thing though. She is a rainbows and unicorns person, after all.

 Did I hear the sixties, anyone? 

 Model: Aarushe Pandit
Stylist: Lil' ole' me.
Location: Hauz Khas Village


Wednesday, 20 March 2013


An attempt to bring back the twenties.

Model: Gurrehat Kohli
Stylist: Aarushe Pandit
Make-up: Anushree Ulpe
Location: Kuzart Lane


Sunday, 9 December 2012


Okay I know I've taken an unacceptably prolonged break and gone completely off the grid. I have no sense of commitment. Truth is I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY YOU GUYS IT'S BEEN A CRAZY SUMMER FOLLOWED BY A WEIRD (bad weird) SEMESTER AND I HAVEN'T BEEN KEEPING UP WITH COURSEWORK AND THE SHIT HAS JUST BEEN HITTING THE FAN NON-STOP. Not to exaggerate or anything but it HAS  been an incredibly uninspired semester with the weirdest faculty (who are, hopefully, not reading this) and I feel deadpan (if you can actually FEEL deadpan that is) and exhausted all the time. But anyway semester's almost over ,I'm looking forward to getting the hell out of this city for a few days (soon) and I'm back now- for good. I promise I'll be posting a lot more regularly starting now.

It is now Winter in Delhi. Which basically means melting into a puddle under the sun or catching frostbite and dying when there isn't any. It's all very confusing. These pictures are from November when it hadn't become so horrendously cold.

Thrifted lace-back shirt. It's kinda awkward and flops all over. Still can't decide if I love it or hate it. And I know it looks like I'm bald in this but I'm really not.

Rings by Blur- I accidentally discovered a random shop selling Blur Designs in Delhi (Gurgaon rather), simultaneously had a aneurysm, realized I'm broke, and ended up picking up these two rings. GORGEOUS MUCH?

Redid my old collage after..five years? Feels more like fifty. And yes, it used to be a Madonna poster. Belonging to what can only be referred to as my dads old bachelor pad.

Also loving big sweaters and anything with the semblance of spikes. However, I'm thinking this watch has got to go. I'm currently eyeing this one.

More soon.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tulle. Lights. Action.

I've got a photography assignment due tomorrow. That's my excuse for these randomly edited photos. I'm  not really very good at this ( I know right; IMPOSSIBLE to believe) but I figured the pretty skirt would make up for my lack of photographic aesthetics and the hastily taken pictures. The girl in the pictures is a rather adorable friend who was nice enough to put up with my 'TWIRL, MOTHERFUCKER, TWIRL' in the middle of the afternoon under the scorching heat. Nobody can blame me for not making my subject feel comfortable.

I'd also like to mention that almost everybody I know is at Fashion Week right now while I study marketing strategies. I HAVE THE MOST GLAMOROUS LIFE EVER. It's mid-term week, bitches.

P.S- Pictures are mine; don't steal. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012


 Packing for the beach.

 Denim cutoffs, sunscreen, aviators (that are too big for my face, but I wear them anyway), the weirdest playlist EVER, and (most importantly) waterproof mascara.