Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Home of the hippies.

Well, well, well, would you just LOOK at me posting for the second time in less than a week.
 I am the embodiment of  dedication.

This is Exhibit B for these pseudo-period shoots I'd helped out with last October. Here we have Aarushe pretending to be a major badass. But instead of dressing her up in a tutu this time, my infamous 'bhagwanji' t-shirt (which is not being used to hurt anybody's sentiments, in case you're planning to go all Shiv Sena on me) and five pounds of junk jewellery from my thirteen year old 'let-me-attempt-to-drown-myself-in-multicoloured-beads-because-wouldn't-that-just-look-the-coolest?' phase,  is what we were forced to work with. After we spent an hour trying to incorporate a Bob Marley scarf and ultimately decided we didn't need it, that is. The tutu was definitely more her thing though. She is a rainbows and unicorns person, after all.

 Did I hear the sixties, anyone? 

 Model: Aarushe Pandit
Stylist: Lil' ole' me.
Location: Hauz Khas Village


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