Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tulle. Lights. Action.

I've got a photography assignment due tomorrow. That's my excuse for these randomly edited photos. I'm  not really very good at this ( I know right; IMPOSSIBLE to believe) but I figured the pretty skirt would make up for my lack of photographic aesthetics and the hastily taken pictures. The girl in the pictures is a rather adorable friend who was nice enough to put up with my 'TWIRL, MOTHERFUCKER, TWIRL' in the middle of the afternoon under the scorching heat. Nobody can blame me for not making my subject feel comfortable.

I'd also like to mention that almost everybody I know is at Fashion Week right now while I study marketing strategies. I HAVE THE MOST GLAMOROUS LIFE EVER. It's mid-term week, bitches.

P.S- Pictures are mine; don't steal. 

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